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GVEM Philosophy


“Education cannot be effective, until it helps a child to open up the self to life.”

Maria Montessori

The above line is a reflection of what real education is intended to be. Every child is unique. They have unique personality traits, interests, preferences, values, attitudes, strengths and weaknesses. An educational curriculum should help every child find his/her unique place in this world in alignment with their own uniqueness. In order to achieve this, the holistic development of a child is of utmost importance.

Our holistic approach seeks to empower children by development of all three core vitals: mind, body and soul. We, at Green Valley High School, aim to strengthen the foundation pillars to bring enlightenment and fullness to their overall development.

1. Intellectual enrichment
2. Fit physique
3. Smiling soul and happy me
4. Gratitude
5. Environmental co-existence

85% of a child’s cumulative brain development occurs prior to the age of 6. Appropriate care and stimulation of the brain ensures its healthy development and growth. It sets the foundation for lifelong learning and future learning readiness. Our preschool undertakes activities that stimulate the development of their right and left brains.

The left brain is more verbal, logical, analytical, calculative, resilient and much more organized. In contrast to this, our right brain, the visual and intuitive one, is more artistic, imaginative, creative, sensitive and quite less orderly. The right brain is a house to all the soft and sensitive traits. At GVHS we aim to synchronize the right and left brains to cater to the overall development of a child.

The GVEM provides excellence to a child’s intellectual capabilities by focusing on various learning modules. Each child has her/his own way of processing and retaining the knowledge gained through various resources. Here we strive to make learning a loved-art for all.

i-ASK (Answering the Curiosity)
We make each child an enquirer. Their curiosities are well-addressed and queries are answered to the level of their satisfaction. The teachers address the inquisitiveness of young explorers and provoke them to ask more questions.

i-READ (Making child a Reader)
Our library serves as a knowledge reservoir. To widen the horizons of knowledge, we encourage our students to become avid READERS. Treasure of books and digital resources, paper-bond and digital, enables them to explore new findings, find testimonials to principles, practice their learning and test their academics at global standards.

i-DISCOVER (Experiential Learning)
GVEM believes in “Learning by Doing” philosophy. We include demonstrations, hands-on activities and experiments to enable students to understand well. Our experiential module helps students to learn better while retaining each concept with utmost clarity.

i-EXPRESS (Language Proficiency)
The process of learning fails to achieve its goals, if it does not provide students the confidence to express their thoughts and understanding. We want students to not just excel in academics but also become reflective and confident in their expression of thoughts. We enable our students to be fluent in English and communicate effectively with training from various Cambridge Language Assessments and GESE programs as per Trinity standards.

i-SHOWCASE (Creative & Performing Arts)
Performing arts add creativity to a child’s personality. GVEM provides a platform for the development of soft skills. We provide art & craft training to introduce them to the rich heritage of Indian culture and provoke the ingenious budding musicians, dancers, actors, performers in them.

i-EXPLORE (Exposure)
Exposure has a great role to play in decision-making.  We give a wide exposure and experience to our students through constant participation in various exams, contests, quiz, conferences, workshops, etc. to enable them to stand in this competitive world. They also participate in various conferences, science fairs and workshops. They gain skills and knowledge to be able to identify their uniqueness.

i-IDENTIFY (Aptitude)
It is important to nurture children’s natural talent. Their aptitude determines the ultimate altitude of their life. It becomes the joint responsibility of parents and teachers to help children identify their aptitude. Our activities revolve around the ideas to identify their right aptitude at the right age to make them excel in life.

GVEM has adopted the following distinct features in the academic program, in lieu with the National Education Policy 2020:

Nursery to Grade II: Thematic & Activity Based Learning
From birth until age 5, a child’s brain develops more rapidly than at any other time. A child’s experiences in these early years directly affect how the brain develops, with long-term impact on the child’s health and ability to learn and succeed in life. Our preschool aims to cultivate young brains in their preparatory phase.

We trigger active functioning of each of the brain synapses to prevent pruning and ensure a platform for life-long growth. Children tend to develop critical and abstract thinking skills, socialize, learn about their areas of interest and develop a curiosity driven approach for everything they see and do. Hence, we teach with the “learning by doing” methodology.

Key features of interactive thematic classrooms
-Initiating inquisitiveness in child by making her/him an ENQUIRER
-Enhancing strong teacher-student–parent interaction
-Developing strong concepts through activities and demonstrations
-Activities that focus on developing children’s fine motor and gross motor skills

Non-curriculum bound learning:
-Learn with global curriculum guidelines (like NSTA, NCETM, NCTM & adaptive IB curriculum)
-Encompassing learning modules to develop strong concepts & initiate critical thinking skills
-Learn on wheels: unique concept of learn beyond classroom

Global proficiency and standardized tests as academic assessment tools

Language proficiency:
-YLE (Starters) programs for Cambridge language assessment & GESE Grade I-III for the young learners by Trinity College of London.

Skill development of Music, dance, art & drama programs as per Trinity College, London

Grade III to V: Discovery Driven Learning
Children in this age group are now ready to transit from their elementary phase to middle school learning. It expands their world of learning as they establish a “safe landing” in the larger academic community.  During this period, the kids tend to understand the feeling of responsibility. They also start to develop a sense of independence from their parents and peer community.

For the first time they showcase feelings of competitive performance and are willing to put in more efforts, work harder and make their mark. We adopt an “Explorative learning approach” and undertake activities to initiate creative thinking skills and stimulate active involvement of the right brain functions.

Distinct features of discovery driven learning

Explorative thematic classrooms:
-Initiating logic finding and analytical thinking skills in children through academic learning.
-Developing concepts with small hands-on experiments & “observe-and-understand” principles.
-Right-brain woven activity assistance to develop creative and abstract thinking skills.

Non-curriculum bound learning:
-Learn as per global guidelines (like NSTA, NCETM, NCTM & adaptive IB curriculum)
-Learn on wheels as a unique concept of learn beyond classrooms.
-Inculcate reading habits in children and encouraging them to become profound readers.
-Techno-aware: educating children to use gadgets and other techno-tools wisely and efficiently.

Global proficiency and standardized tests as academic assessment tools.

Language proficiency:
YLE (Starters) programs for Cambridge language assessment & GESE Grade IV to VI for young learners by Trinity College of London.

Skill development by Music, dance, art and drama programs as per Trinity College, London.
We identify whether each student is a right-brained or left-brained child and provide exposure in terms of activities, competitions, exams, conferences, summer workshops, etc to identify their uniqueness and area of interest. We are affirmative in identifying platforms where a child can participate and perform to win accolades for themselves and bring glory to the nation.

Grade VI to VIII: Aptitude finding approach
As children step into their teenage years, they enter a phase of many physical, mental, emotional and social changes. They become more independent with their own personality and interests and also start taking their academic goals more seriously. GVEM aims to identify their aptitude with the help of parents & teachers and also ensure to give wings to their potential.

Key areas of focus in aptitude finding approach
-Participation in competitive examinations, Olympiads, conferences, events, workshops, etc.
-Scientific aptitude development through project-based exposure.
-Experiential learning of fundamental concepts in lab-connect i.e. Math / Science / Language labs.
-Library-connect to search testimonials of research & concepts from books & world resources.
-Techno-lab providing lessons on optimized software utility & gadget-friendliness.
-Training and guiding in the direction of a child’s skill set to help them achieve excellence.

Grade IX & X: Career Oriented Competitive Development
At this phase, the students start to develop strong perceptions for their career professions. GVEM identifies their aptitude and provides guidance and counselling to students along with their parents. We set strong foundations to ensure they do well in their boards and set-up a path for themselves on a road to excellence in the career of their dreams.

Important Features of Career Oriented Competitive Development
-Building strong foundations through multi-disciplinary approach
-Best results through academic excellence
-Board preparations
-Competition awareness & training for various competitive exams like NTSE
-Path making process to get best career excellence as per their potential

Grade XI & XII: Stream-based Targeted Training
As the children transition to adulthood, they are on the verge of starting their professional courses which will actually place them as citizens of the society. In the streams of Science, Commerce or Humanities, they need to be guided and counselled regarding the various opportunities under each umbrella. We understand their dilemma and provide guidance counselling and meetings with various professional practitioners.

Key areas of development in Stream-based Targeted Training
Career guidance and counselling
Performance analysis and improvement insight sessions
Meetings with professional practitioners to build realistic goals
Targeted preparation for boards
Practice for entrance tests, performance enhancement & application assistance

“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.”
A healthy body is the key to wise thoughts, right decision and the secret to long-lasting life interdependence. Our ancient Indian wisdom emphasizes the importance of health, wellness and longevity by taking care of our own self i.e. body. This model of health, wellness and training Yoga-Pranayam has been made a part of the regular school programs.

A fit physique can be achieved by regulating three parameters:
1. Air that we breathe (inspired by Pranayam training)
2. Food that we eat (diet regulation as per our ancient Ayurveda forms)
3. Stamina building (achieved by Yoga and exercise)

“A disease-free life means a fit body”
Longevity with a full operational body and the ability to relish the fruits of all our senses is what the GVHS formula for fitness reveals and ensures for the students. The diet should be in sync with the health regime. GVHS has made Pranayam mandatory which furnishes ample sources of oxygen to the body, helps improve stamina and controls various emotional & stress parameters.

To instill fitness and stamina GVHS provides training in various areas of fitness:
a. Yoga and exercise
b. Self-defense
c. Scout activities for stamina building
d. Indoor and Outdoor Sports
e. Hazard safety & evacuation training

Holistic development aims at imparting moral values, ethics and resilience. Righteous living is the core essence of a happy Soul. Food for the soul brings serene smile to our SELF. A happy soul is the epicentre for efficient performance of mind, body and heart. It gifts us calmness and solitude inside-out. Gratitude for what we receive from the world is the feature of a SMILING SOUL.

GVHS students are to keep their morale always high in all circumstances. Our students stand out in the world for their ethics and righteous living and therefore cultivating the right moral values is a part of our program. We wish to instill lessons of moral values, stress handling, confidence building, righteous living, satisfaction, serving the souls and nurturing humanity in our pupils.

As per a study report by the journal of personality and social psychology, there is a huge effect of genetic and environmental influences on the personality trait of an individual. The genetic characters gift some special traits to our life which is reflected in our skills, behaviour or personality as a whole. Often social surroundings also have an influence on our thoughts & perception.

GVHS empowers and envisions the parents along with the development of their wards. With this in mind, the GVEM has incorporated Birth Giver gratitude training into its theme. We oblige parents for the gift of life and traits they gift their wards and help them broaden their vision towards the huge spectrum of growth. We help parents to take firm and confident decisions for their child’s growth & future.

Social responsibility lies in the well-being of people and the planet, GVHS is keen in educating cooperative learning, conflict resolution, multicultural education, moral development, global education, community service, etc. and nature conservation, developing an empathy towards our flora & fauna, a sense of interdependence and co-existence towards the environment.

-Food for everyone – no wastage of food
-NO DRIP for DROP – water conservation and leakage prevention
-Clean City to Green City by GVHS
-Clean India Campaign
-Tree Plantation Drive

GVHS is involved in regular visits to orphanages, old age homes. visually impaired schools, etc where our students develop empathy while serving the underprivileged section of the society. It instills in them a sense of community service. We aim to develop them as socially responsible youth and conservators of our environment ecosystem.