GVEM: A New-age Phenomenon of Change

Learning is an elaborate process that a child undergoes till adulthood, within an institution called a school. The society credits the school for shaping responsible citizens. In fact it is a school that lays the foundation of everything that a citizen becomes in a society. It is a reality that not every child has the GVEM: A New-age Phenomenon of Change

Learning The Sporting Way

As the pandemic is still far from over and has forced a new normal particularly for the young students, focusing on their physical and psychological wellbeing has become more significant than ever for educators and parents as well. With an ever increasing focus on classroom learning, it is important for parents and guardians to see Learning The Sporting Way

Online Education The Green Valley Way

Like the other high schools in India and around the world, Green valley has also been propelled into a distance learning scenario during the pandemic COVID-19. In arranging for distance learning, we have strived to consider our students’ most vital requirements into account: the need for structure during a time when much of what was Online Education The Green Valley Way

Study Beyond Books

At Green Valley, we believe that learning can take place beyond the classroom and it is our responsibility as an institution to make our students aware of this and help them understand how to carry on learning throughout their lives. We have designed our curriculum in a way that education is not limited to the Study Beyond Books