Learning The Sporting Way

As the pandemic is still far from over and has forced a new normal particularly for the young students, focusing on their physical and psychological wellbeing has become more significant than ever for educators and parents as well. With an ever increasing focus on classroom learning, it is important for parents and guardians to see the educational significance of sports. Sports play an integral part of learning at Green Valley.

GVHS is one of the best designed schools in natural surroundings. We have specially designed sports areas and playgrounds that are crucial to our education concept. We have faith in allowing them to follow their own interests & when learning is self-inspired and self-guided; it lays deeper roots & stays for a longer period of time.

Organized sports activities and free sports enable peer conversations that are also an important part of emotional and social lessons for them. Learning within various disciplines is made interesting and fun through games, even for senior learners. Our sports fields, such as basketball court, volleyball court, football ground, athletic track, etc are our pupils’ favourite places. While taking part in sports, they are learning important lessons of life and growing as better individuals.