Online Education The Green Valley Way

Like the other high schools in India and around the world, Green valley has also been propelled into a distance learning scenario during the pandemic COVID-19. In arranging for distance learning, we have strived to consider our students’ most vital requirements into account: the need for structure during a time when much of what was “normal” has been upside down, the need for social-emotional wellbeing and parentral support and GVHS experience.

At the same time, we have continuously kept challenging our students, using a variety of educational technologies and best practices in distance education. We are aware of the ways that we can guide our students to independence appropriate for their age and development; help them establish organizational skills to keep pace with their online study and support them as they develop a sense of accountability that will foster leadership and maturity.

Green valley is paying special attention to the ways that we can maintain a strong sense of society in an online platform. In addition to the relationships created within classes, students participate in online group meetings each morning, rotating between regular school prayers and assemblies, classroom gatherings and smaller counselling group meetings. Students and parents are invited as a family to attend a regularly scheduled online session to know about online learning, where questions can be answered and up-to-date information can be shared. Faculty meet together weekly to celebrate successes, discuss challenges and share tips for educating in the digital context.

Through online learning, we have set our sights on helping our students become proficient in the skills required in the digital age; skills that will benefit them throughout their school, career and citizenship. From our online learning programme, we hope to create long term advancements to our teaching and learning practices, enhancing education at Green valley and evoking brilliance from our learners and ourselves.