Study Beyond Books

At Green Valley, we believe that learning can take place beyond the classroom and it is our responsibility as an institution to make our students aware of this and help them understand how to carry on learning throughout their lives. We have designed our curriculum in a way that education is not limited to the four walls of the classroom. At Green Valley, we are all lifelong learners. Through various interventions such as social gatherings, celebration of learning, field trips etc. our students spread their learning scope far and wide. Social gatherings at Green Valley are for our students to share their understanding , knowledge and skills beyond their domain with their peers and the community.

It not only encourages curiosity to self-learn but also enables them to develop social and academic bonds with the whole school community. Celebration of learning at Green Valley serves as a self-assessment tool for our learners to reflect on their own learning. It also serves as an opportunity to explore their creative pursuits in a safe environment.

At Green Valley we conduct regular field trips. Field trips connect our learners to the real world. It enables them to recognize the connections between what they learn within the walls of the classroom and the real world. Real life experiences make learning deeper and have a far greater impact than textbook contents. Everything we teach holds a specific purpose and once its real life relevance is discussed, students tend to absorb it much faster.

Learning at Green Valley is hands-on, inquiry based, fun, engaging and student centric. It is inspired by real-life lessons, current information, individual educational plans, academic goals, plans and integrated into our education model.