The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP) aims to free the children from this rat-race of marks and put emphasis on their holistic development. The focus is changed from marks & moving on to the next grade to building future-ready skills in children. As a parent you need to know a few things about the National Education Policy 2020 and the changes it will bring to develop learning modules for young children are as follows:

Creativity — the pillar of learning
Creativity will be given its due value now. The new policy encourages teachers to inspire children’s imagination. It puts special emphasis on the development of the creative ability of each child. It is based on the principle that education should develop social, ethical and emotional capacities and spirit.

All inclusive approach
Students will now be much freer to choose the subjects they want to study and the separation between arts, science or humanities will disappear. This freedom will give children the ability to choose their learning courses and programs and thereby choose their own paths in life according to their unique talents and interests. They will be able to take up different subjects such as Physics with Political Science, Biology with Economics, etc. to consider what interests them. This unity and completeness of all knowledge will also finish harmful structures and separations between different areas of learning.

Focus on practical learning
Just as you cannot master cooking by watching cooking videos alone, similarly children cannot grasp new concepts just by reading about them. Trying new things directly helps children develop a better understanding of concepts. The active learning education advised by NEP will give children the scope to explore, to make mistakes and think on those experiences. It will encourage them to ask questions like “why did this happen?”, “how can I do it better?”, “what if I didn’t do X and did Y?” and give them a fresh approach on learning.

Focus on building future-ready skills
Another revolutionary step taken by the NEP is to make children known to vocational education, so they can build job-ready skills. This is an effort to help children discover their passion and provide exposure to real-world demands. NEP’s plan to introduce Vocational training will make children known to real-world jobs, help them build job-specific skills, and boost the right attitude to understand the job needs.

Assessments on higher-order skills
Finally, children will be evaluated by the teachers as well as by themselves and their peers. Assessment will be of a formative style, that encourages top level thinking skills, critical thinking and clarity of concepts. Progress card will display the unique progress of each student in the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains.

The GVEM Way is the New Way of Learning
The new NEP is the first step towards bringing real systemic change in education. At Green Valley, creativity is the basis of what we do. Multidisciplinary, experiential, role-play based and peer-learning is in our approach. We believe each child has unique capabilities that can be nurtured through activity-driven learning, role-play and discovery. We truly believe that children need learning playgrounds equally as classrooms where they can learn merrily. They will be able to transform themselves from being consumers to creators and followers to leaders.

We couldn’t be happier to see that with the NEP 2020, the GVEM way is the new way of learning.

NEP notes:
“Pedagogy must evolve to make education more experiential, holistic, integrated, inquiry-driven, discovery-oriented, learner-centred, discussion-based, flexible and, of course, enjoyable.”

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
-Benjamin Franklin